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About Us

We proudly donate alot of time and effort in aiding local charities in Northampton, such as providing fund raising Quizes for a local school in conjunction with Friends of Delapre School which exists for the benefit of the children in our local school, and to improve links between school and home.

ANGEL's Trivia
Angel’s Trivia-UK is the website for the #Triv_UK channel on the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server IRC.FusionChat.Org. Currently we have players from around the world, including Britain, Canada, the United States, Australia, Germany and on and on. Our #Triv_UK channel has been running for more than 6 years now. We’re a fun and courteous group, and best of all, it costs nothing to play! Just join the channel, and away you go, you’ll need to not only be quick, but quick-witted as well.

You have 2 options to play, you can click on the “Play Now” tab on the left side of this web page to play via a Java link, or you can play via mIRC client. Most of us use the Dams2K4 mIRC client available for download, this contains an excellent IRC client with virtually all of the bells & whistles which most users enjoy.

As you’ve undoubtedly guessed, we are a trivia channel which runs a Trivia “bot” (a program) which asks trivia questions in English, and assigns points to the first person to type the answer correctly, then 50% of the points to second place and finally 25% of the value to 3rd place. Some of the questions can be quite easy, others may seem very hard, but most of the questions can be answered quite readily thanks to the series of clues which are delivered by the bot to help you.

Our Trivia bot currently chooses from a database of more than 675,000 questions, and the questions cover a variety of topics from sports, science, history, the Arts, TV & Movies and the like. Remember, the answer must be typed correctly, and only the first to answer scores the points! Points and stats are kept and reset for daily, weekly and monthly stats, and these stats are reported by the bot as you play or on demand by typing commands to the bot.

With that being said, the only question is “Where the Hell are you?”. C’mon in, join the trivia, and meet some of the nicest, funniest and friendliest people across the lands, all vying to be the first to answer the very next question!

24th February 2008 #Triv_uk name was changed to #Trivia in an attempt to attract more users, that feared UK denoted a Geographical Topic.

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