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  #Trivia Channel Stats:

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Trivia News

Where can we play?
As the main trivia channel has closed i am promoting #Trivia.en as a place to hang, feel free to populate it and have fun. I have updated Dams2K4 to reflect this with StuffNET on the main servers list.
(Posted by Damsulegna on 18.12.10)

#Trivia Relocation
As from this Saturday 15th August 2009, #Trivia will be known as #Triv_uk once more, it will also be moving to another server/network at the request of ANGEL. ANGEL has not taken this decision likely, she feels its the way forward.
The new network is P2PChat.
To get there type /server -m
(Posted by Damsulegna on 15.08.09)

Dams2K4 Help Forum
Dams2K4 News: Need To Report A Bug? Got A Suggestion For Dams2K4? Visit The Official Help Forum Now!!
(Posted by Damsulegna on 29.06.08)

#Trivia Relocation
As from this saturday 28th June 2008, #Trivia will be moving to another server/network in an attempt to expand. ANGEL has not taken this decision likely, she feels its the way forward. Dams2K4 will have a new command to get users there. /newtrivia
The new network is SummerNova. DO NOT spam SummerNova on as it is classed as a rival network and you will be GLINED (Banned) for spamming. If you wish to inform friends where #Trivia is, show them this site. To manually get to #Trivia type /server -m
(Posted by Damsulegna on 26.06.08)

All stats have been update and uploaded onto the stats page.
(Posted by Damsulegna on 21.06.08)

Photo Gallery
The Photo Gallery is now up. If you wish to have access, contact Damsulegna in #Trivia and he will setup an account for you.
(Posted by Damsulegna on 05.06.08)

Back to normal
The forums have been successfully imported. Everything is back to normal. I shall be installing a gallery soon, keep an eye open. Thank you for your patience.
(Posted by Damsulegna on 05.06.08)

Site Relocation
I have moved's hosting. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Forums will be back up soon.
(Posted by Damsulegna on 03.06.08)

40th Party Piccies
The 40th Birthday Party will soon be published via a Gallery as soon as they are amassed and sorted.
(Posted by Damsulegna on 11.05.08)

Happy 40th Birthday Michelle
Happy Birthday Michelle, hope you have a great day today.
From everyone on #Trivia.

(Posted by Damsulegna on 08.05.08)

Servers List
List of Servers #Trivia can be accessed with
Use either of the following commands in mIRC to connect to #Trivia
If you are unable to connect to any of these, please contact mick at trivia-uk dot co dot uk
(Posted by Damsulegna on 01.04.08)

Hosting Moved
Today I moved the whole site to
It was earlier than expected so i lost a days database on the forum, apologies to Shelly as the posts were her Birthday Wishes.
If anyone had a email and wishes to renew it, please advise Damsulegna.
(Posted by Damsulegna on 24.03.08)

3rd Place Points
I have now coded 3rd place points in QnA.... All in the interest of Trivia!!!!!!
(Posted by Damsulegna on 14.03.08)

Jackpot is BACK!!!!!!
The Jackpot has been readded to QnA.
It will randomly drop once an hour and will be no more than 50,000 points.
Remember, 2nd place points up to 25,000, also, guess Multiple Choice incorrectly on a jackpot could reduce points up to 25,000 as well!!!!!
(Posted by Damsulegna on 14.03.08)

Multiple Choice Edit - Points Deducted!!!!
From now on you will be deducted points for incorrectly guessing the WRONG choice from the given list.
This should reduce the instant guess factor, READ the damn Question first lol. One deduction PER incorrect answer, PER person.
(Posted by Damsulegna on 14.03.08)

Trivia Statistics Added.
Today I have created the Trivia Statistics Page containing Last Month's & Week's winners and Last Month's Top Row, Fast, Total Answered and KAOS. I have also includes Yesterday's Top 10, I shall update it daily, if i remember.... lol.
(Posted by Damsulegna on 12.03.08)

2nd Place Points Created.
Following a suggestion by OddVark I have coded a 2nd Place Points Addon in QnA.
Basically after the question has been successfully answered, there is a 3 second window for someone, other than the 1st place winner, to get 50% of the points initially awarded.
Thank You OddVark for the great idea.
Keep um' coming.....
(Posted by Damsulegna on 11.03.08)

#Triv_uk Changes channel name!!!!
After 8 years of the channel name #Triv_uk, we have decided to change to #Trivia.
This is an attempt to attract more users that fear "UK" denotes a geographical topic.
I hope this change suits all our needs.
(Posted by Damsulegna on 24.02.08)

Bot Modifications

Correct Answer Detection
Coded QnA to accept answers typed containing 100% of the required wordage. For Example:
If the answer = Madonna
QnA will accept Madonnaa or MMadonna
As long as the answer is there, it will detect a correct answer was typed.

Multiple Choice Modified.
From now on the initial hint will exclude options prefixed by letters of choice IE: A B C or D. It will now look like so.
<@QnA>OddVarks: Multiple Choice: Which Group Sang: One More Dub ?
<@QnA>Is It: The Odd Varks or The Clash or The Jam or The Who Points Are Hidden To Make It Fun
(Posted by Damsulegna on 10.02.08)

QnA was experiencing some difficulties, we placed a tempbot in for 2 days while we rectified the issues. QnA is now back and all Daily, Weekly and Monthly scores have been added.
(Posted by Damsulegna on 28.01.08)

Download Dams2K4
Dams2k4 is an mIRC script created by Mick/Damsulegna (hence dams) in 2004 which connects, on start, to #Triv_uk
Read More.....
(Posted by Damsulegna on 21.01.08)

QnA Changes
QnA has undergone some changes in order to inject new life into the Trivia Channel. Please read in full all details on the forum, under "Suggestions".
(Posted by Damsulegna on 03.01.08)

Welcome to Trivia-UK
As you can see, we've finally acquired a website (Thanks Mage).
Any suggestion, requests or bugs please contact Mick via #Triv_uk
(Posted by Damsulegna on 21.12.07)

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